Weekly games in rated tournaments with everybody welcome

We now have permission from the Qld Contract Bridge Club to restart. Our first night will be this Thursday, July 30, starting at 7pm. Attendance will be free on this night, but a flat fee of $5 per night will be charged after that.
Because of the ongoing pandemic, the club will only be open until about 9pm each night for the next few months, and there will only be social chess. If everything goes well, the Club Championship may start on October 1 (as scheduled). It will have a shorter time control than previously advertised, but will still be ACF rated.

Before coming to the club, please read the documents below: the COVID SAFE Plan for Brisbane Chess Club.doc and the QCBC Covid 19 Health Questionnaire.pdf. Anyone attending the club will be required to have completed the Health Questionnaire before they attend for the first time. And attendees will have their temperature taken every night they attend. So, if possible, please print out and complete the Health Questionnaire before you come, and bring it with you on your first night.

COVID SAFE Plan for Brisbane Chess Club.doc

QCBC Covid 19 Health Questionnaire.pdf

If you have any questions, please contact Patrick Byrom on 0417 873 723.



With thanks to our hosting sponsor